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poros POROS
A volcanic island, formed through the union of two smaller islands, Kalavria and Sphaeria. Archaeology buffs will want to visit the scant remains of the Sanctuary of Poseidon, 5 km from the town of Poros on the road to the Monastery of Zoodochos Pigi.
Αθήνα - Πόρος
(31 μίλια)
hydra HYDRA
It is famous for its maritime tradition, as is Spetses. The Hora is picturesque and beautiful; with high and colourful sea captains mansions lining the waterfront while a stark grey hill rises in the background. Hydra is also blessed by the absence of motorcars.
Πόρος - Υδρα
(14 μίλια)
spetses SPETSES
is furthest from Athens. Charming horse-drawn carriages are the form of travel in style, as cars are not allowed on the cobbled streets. Bougainvilleas overflow the white-washed garden walls that enclose the pebbled yards of the mansions. Antique cannons decoratively guard the scenic harbour, and the dozens of shops and cafes that line the shore.
Υδρα - Σπέτσες
(17 μίλια)
tolon TOLON
was a small fishing village that has developed into a tourist resort on the strength of its sandy beach. NAFPLION The northeast Peloponnese welcomes us at Argos, the ancient strong point, today a point of departure for Nauplia - the first capital of free Greece - with the Bourtzi, an islet topped by a miniature fort, and the Palamidi rock.
Σπέτσες - Τολό - Ναύπλιο
(27 μίλια
A popular tourist spot built in a natural harbour, safe from all kinds of weather. Hush vegetation and a modern town of 750 inhabitants with restaurants, bouzouki places, nearby sandy and secluded beaches - mainly open to yachtsmen - guarantee unique holiday moments. MONI is a small-uninhabited island that is partially wooded. It is a sanctuary for wild life and the sight of peacocks along the beach in the mornings is quite com
Ναύπλιο - Πόρτο Χέλι
(26 μίλια
aegina AEGINA
Mythology relates that Aegina is named after the daughter of Asopos, who was abducted by Zeus. Aegina famous for its pottery is covered with pistachio trees. Pine forests surround its beautiful green villages. It is also the home to one of antiquity's most famous temples, to Aphaia with 24 standing pillars.
Πόρτο Χέλι - Αίγινα
(40 μίλια)
Αίγινα - Αθήνα
(18 μίλια)


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